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We hope you will go beyond just taking a look at our new book “Reflective Leaders and High-Performance Organizations” and will buy a copy (in fact buy lots of copies!) , study it and share the ideas with your friends. We believe we have some answers for you.

We base this on both (we hope) the wisdom gained through many years lived in this strange and fascinating world populated by all sorts of talented and creative people as well as over 25 years working together and actually helping our clients put these ideas into practice.

About the Book
In Reflective Leaders and High-Performance Organizations, authors Nick Shepherd and Peter Smyth take an integrated view of organizational performance that blends a focus on both outcomes and relationships.


Get the Book
Clients can obtain copies from most bookstores including the publishers direct or in house or on-line at major bookstores in the US

Reader Testimonials

  • "I have worked with Peter over many years with different teams in different countries, with different cultures, different missions, different purposes and different values. What ...

    Kim Stratton, Head, Group County Management & External Affairs Novartis International AG
  • "A masterful work that sheds light on how leaders can integrate seemingly opposite aspects of who they are to take their organisation’s performance to new ...

    Stewart Desson, Ph.D (cand.), CEO Lumina Learning
  • "Through the incorporation of Peter and Nick’s work, we have been able to transform our company to meet the demands of the ever-changing, global economic ...

    Tim Walter, President and CEO, E.F. Walter Inc.
  • "This work is of critical importance to today’s leaders and top performing organizations if they hope to be competitive in the future. Everything we achieve ...

    Lynda Shephard, Manager, Ontario Public Service